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Technorati syndication… sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi crime story…but you know, its not. Technorati is a service for those who blog and those who read blogs. So in order to get my stuff over there I need to provide some info to their spiders… no, they are not real spiders. I actually thought Community Server (which is powering this site, for those unaware of it) was pushing my stuff to Technorati atomatically. But seems like I need a Technorati account for that to work… so lets try that and see how it all works out.


Last day at TechEd…going home

After a truly intense week filled with cool tech, good company and too much chocolate covered donuts I am going for the hands-on lab to put some stuff to work. Today will also the winner of the Iron Architect contest be announced …looking forward to see the solutions people have come up with.

This week didn’t become the week of many posts I thought it would be. Well, the posts are in my head, I just need some time to sort ’em all and make some decent blogs out of it. So stay tuned, TechEd may be over soon but the stuff covered here this week is here to stay.

…man, that was cheesy.


More on NetCF performance

Andy mentioned today some things to consider that I didn’t know about. When considering load time of mobile applications here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The runtime validates the EXE by doing a hash. Each 1MB will therefore effectively add seconds to load time. Reducing the exe file size is thus a good thing.
  • So how to reduce exe file size? IL doesnt add much to the footprint but embedded resources does. So keep them bitmaps in separate files will ya.
  • Also, strong naming the exe forces the runtime to do additional validation without giving you a lot of security payback. Strong name only DLLs going into the GAC. 

And yes, those bitmaps I mentioned? Load them behind the scenes, off the main thread, e.g. using ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem


On NetCF 2.0…

Version 2 have been out for a while and now the first service pack is out. One key enhancment is the Remote Performance Monitor tool which enable us to view live perf counters on your device. Counters will also be added in PerfMon …there is also a .stat file viewer in there.

More on that later, blogging on a PSP is not an ergonomic experience 😉