Magnificent game music live!

I am a regular metal head and perhaps because of that I also enjoy classic music. Since I am also a gamer I had to go to Play! A Video Game Symphony in Lillestrøm, Norway last Friday. It was truly an amazing experience to hear some of my favorite game themes performed live by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Oslo Philharmonic Choir.

Memories of old came back when pictures from The Last Ninja filled the screens accompanied with the dramatic theme. And the themes from The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion beckoned me back to the lands of Tamriel.

I must also mention the drummer Rony Barrak who totally owned the show with his amazing skills at the Darabouka. With only one drum and a couple of cymbals he performed a drum solo like I never heard before. Respect, man!

Update: Someone filmed the Final Fantasy theme. Watch it at YouTube.




Mac vs PC laptops

Cool, Anders made the switch

Last time I needed to buy a new laptop I really considered buying a MacBook Pro. It have such good looks and of course, the ability to run Windows natively makes the MacBook an option for Microsoft heads.

But when compared to an almost equal HP setup the ~9.000NOK price difference was a bit hard to justify.

I asked the Apple salesman what I got for those extra bucks. He answered “Design and reduced Total Cost of Ownership”…again, I found it hard to justify the price. Note, this was back in June so prices may have changed, of course…

Anyway, good luck with your new Mac, Anders đŸ™‚ Anyone else made the switch?