Xbox Live Marketplace had nothing to do with it

…as I previously assumed. The download list update “slowness” was actually filtering caused by Parental Controls enabled on the console. Unrated content will be hidden. XNA Creators Club does not have any control on what code will be executed on the xbox. So the XNACC download is marked Unrated and thus hidden.

Michael, Program Manager for XNA Game Studio, and PatrickB3 probably knew this all along, they just wouldn’t tell me until right before Christmas. Turning off Parental Control on my console solved the mystery.


Xbox Live Marketplace updates come slow

Yes, it seems that everything that gets added to the Xbox Live Marketplace doesn’t show up on my xbox until several days after release. XNA Creators Club is no exception. I was hoping to see my rotating greenish wired sphere in glorious 720p on 40″ LCD… guess I’ll just have to wait.

Update: after some postings on the forum, Michael Clucher and his XNA Team is now looking into the issue. I’ll keep you posted with the progress.


XNA Game Studio Express launched?!

Now we know there’s a launch party going on over at Microsoft campus, Redmond. Does that mean we’ll get the released product today also? I certainly hope so. And my hope was rekindled when the download center listed both the XNA Framework Redistributable 1.0 and XNA Game Studio Express 1.0.Guess who’s downloading as we speak!

…my, this is so fresh, even the XNA Developer Center nor the XNA Team blog is updated with the news.

Update: now they’ve done it. Congratulations to the xna dev team, I’m truly looking forward to the times to come!